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Form Factors

We offer ready-to-listen, semi-custom, and fully custom loudspeakers for professional installation. All models feature our unrivalled planar magnetic high-frequency drivers and only the highest quality of low-frequency speaker cones.  Explore some of our options below.

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All weather loudspeakers built to the highest standards and ready for professional installation. See More →


Our team uses state of the art acoustic modeling software to customize line-arrays and soundbars. See More →

USA Custom Shop

In our USA workshop, we build the finest loudspeakers for Home Cinema, Yachts, Venues and more. See More →

Power and Nuance


Regardless of it you choose a sound bar beneath a television, a full outdoor surround sound system, or an altogether custom home cinema, our products combine immaculately. We ensure uniformity by equipping every loudspeaker with a planar magnetic  high-frequency driver. This consistency of form lends itself to seamless listening experiences of extraordinary quality.

All of our ready-to-listen offerings are impeccable and in complete harmony with another. They scale to your needs. 

Landscape Ribbon
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6.5HD & 6.5HD2
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Bollard 10 Burial Speaker
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Passive Subwoofers
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Landscape Audio Systems Starting at $10,000

Ambisonic Systems are singular in their quality. Both robust enough for professional application but sufficiently petite and abundantly musical for home use, our systems have their cake and eat it too. To achieve that feat, a trained technician must install our products. As a result, we have made our loudspeakers available through select professional audio-video integrators only.

The Landscape Ribbon

Born for the elements, made to sound otherworldly. The Landscape Ribbon (LSR) is the first primarily residential loudspeaker developed by Ambisonic Systems. With a custom weatherized planar tweeter and a neodymium driver, these speakers are never harsh, even at full volume. Plus, you can push them as loud as you want, they're built for that.

The Landscape Ribbon Six (LSR6) and Landscape Ribbon Eight (LSR8) are deceptively loud for their small size and format. It's because they contain our audiophile-grade weatherized magnetic planar driver, which is one of a kind, unavailable elsewhere. This high-frequency driver is expertly voiced with a woven glass-fiber woofer to produce clear, eloquent audio reproduction at any volume. The final product is weather-ready, IPx5 rated, and is available both in 8-ohm and with a high-quality transparent 70v transformer on-board.


Our subwoofers are appropriate for the club, a small venue, and your backyard. Using only the finest Italian woofers and patented 100/70v transformers, these models can produce surprisingly low frequencies, even at lesser volumes.

Hardscape Options

We use the same European drivers and precise cabinet configurations for both our above and below surface subwoofers. With AES ratings up to 1000W and robust, weatherized finishes, these USA crafted models are as durable as they are remarkable.


Crafted in the USA with a majority domestic and European parts, the HD series is versatile and modular. Available as singles or double-stacked, they incorporate a high-quality Italian woofer and proprietary magnetic planar driver within a petite, sturdy weatherized cabinet, ready for installation outdoors in the landscape or on a wall. The sum of these parts results in the following: A loudspeaker the size of an average bookshelf speaker that competes with audiophile towers, and can effortlessly produce enough sound to drown-out an helicopter taking off. If you like that sort of performance.

The Apex

Both as single units or condensed line-arrays, the HD6.5 loudspeaker family is the choice for the most demanding installations worldwide. From homes in Malibu to resorts in Dubai, these speakers are found only where the highest performance is guaranteed.

Bollard 10 Burial Speaker

Crafted in the USA, the Bollard 10 is a high-output burial speaker with a customizable designer profile. Available in a round or square design, the sturdy weatherized cabinets are anodized in either a black, silver, or gold finish.  

Like many of our speakers, the Bollard 10 incorporates our proprietary magnetic planar driver, but in a unique conical ribbon design. Standing over 3″ tall, these eye-catching speakers sound as amazing as they look. 

Conical Ribbon Tweeter

All Ambisonic ribbon tweeters are proprietary, and designed in-house. The Bollard 10 6″ ribbon is the premiere of high-power, all-weather wide-dispersion planar magnetic drivers. This robust linear design allows for precise sound reproduction even at earth-moving volumes.

Semi-Custom Loudspeakers

Conforms to the venue, ensures listener delight.

Built To Order

Ambisonic Systems loudspeakers feature proprietary planar magnetic diaphragms for high-frequency audio reproduction. This method when coupled with our original waveguide provides a voice authentic to the original recording, without coloration or distortion, even at high volume.

Custom Line Arrays

Our blend of experience, training, and advanced modeling software allows our world-class acoustic engineering team to design transcendent speaker arrays. Our planar drivers are easy to listen to for extended periods, even at high sound pressure levels. This innate feature of ribbon tweeters make the HD Line Arrays (HDLA) an amazing choice for venues, clubs, churches, even outdoor stages.

USA Custom Shop

Bespoke Loudspeakers

The Ambisonic Systems USA Custom Shop can design and manufacture your next unique installed loudspeaker dream. We blend proprietary planar magnetic tweeters and hand-selected European-made drivers into the most demanding environments. Our expertise is in motoryachts, home-cinema, amphitheaters, venues, and of course home audio.

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