We were born here.

Handmade Loudspeakers From an Oasis at the Edge of the Mojave.

The Performance

Ambisonic Systems began building custom loudspeakers in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. That city’s legacy of manufacturing and testing the highest-caliber of speedboat motors lives on in our products. Our audio equipment is built to exacting performance specifications and finely tuned, like the outboard engines that once made the city famous.

For the most demanding environments.

Professional Quality 

We have spent the last decade, asking how we can build loudspeakers that are thrilling to listen to and durable enough for professional use. Along the way, we’ve designed original magnetic planar diaphragms, partnered with the most accomplished driver manufacturers in the world, and diligently worked to obtain the master key that unlocks the world’s most satisfying listening experiences.

Carefully Selected Components

Propritary Magnetic Planar Driver

Italian Built Low-Freqency Drivers

Available Worldwide.

International Partnerships

Thanks to our partnership with architectural loudspeaker manufacturer Origin Acoustics, our hand-assembled systems are available worldwide. From new resorts in Dubai to Beverly Hills homes, you will find Ambisonic Systems everywhere the finest is required.

Listen Infinitely.