About Us

Founded by industry pioneer Jeffery Coombs in 2009, Ambisonic Systems is a manufacturer specializing in high-output, audiophile-quality sound reinforcement loudspeakers. With over 64 years experience designing professional and high-end loudspeakers—specializing in ribbon line arrays—the company’s engineering team is renown for their innovative concepts, breakthrough products and great sounding speakers. Ambisonic Systems "ProAudiophile" Loudspeakers feature proprietary True Coaxial Line Arrays and advanced Planar Magnetic Ribbon Driver (PMRD) technologies that deliver high-output yet silky-smooth sound that is evenly controlled from the front row to the back. A unique waveguide design allows for wide, 110-degree horizontal audience coverage while the massive motor structures of the efficient, high-impact subwoofers contribute to full-range sound reproduction. The company’s sound systems represent the pinnacle of high-quality sound reinforcement for live venues, houses of worship, performing arts theaters, auditoriums, outdoor arenas and more. Ambisonic Systems is committed to leading the way in professional sound reinforcement.

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Jeffery Coombs /  Founder
For Jeffery Coombs, founder and CTO of Ambisonic Systems, audio has been both a business and a passion for more than 40 years. Specializing in high end loudspeaker and subwoofer design, Jeff is renowned in the industry for his innovative concepts, breakthrough products and great sound. Over the years Jeff has lead the way creating entirely new speaker categories including the first high performance in-wall speakers (1972), first omni-directional outdoor speakers, first in-wall subwoofers, first dual-monaural home theater systems, and more recently, audiophile quality outdoor sub/sat systems that are the current rage in outdoor entertainment. Above all Jeff says- "it's about delivering the ultimate audio experience and fitting that experience into the lifestyle of my most discriminating customers". Now Jeff has turned his attention to the pro audio market with the introduction of the Immersive HD Series Loudspeakers, Line Arrays and Subwoofers. Designed for night clubs, houses of worship, live indoor and outdoor venues, these ultra-high output speakers produce silky smooth audiophile sound, evenly controlled front row to back row. "I've always gone my own direction, always followed my passion" Coombs says- a contention borne out in every one of the unique products that bear the Ambisonic Systems name.
Tom Harrison / Chief Technical Officer
Tom Harrison a professional studio and touring musician in southern California, Tom has always had an interest in loudspeaker design and a passion for accurate and dynamic sound reproduction. In the early 1980's he started designing high end loudspeakers as a hobby for himself, friends and family. This passion eventually inverted his profession career and hobby and in 1994 he relocated to Missouri and in 1996 helped form SLS Audio, an innovative loudspeaker company that utilizes extremely unique Planar Magnetic Ribbon Drivers specializing in Line array designs. As the Director of Engineering Tom was responsible for virtually every single product concept, design, and development. In working with some of the finest system integrators in the country, Tom has voiced systems for performances from such notable acts as Steve Winwood, Taylor Swift, Lonestar, Damn Yankees, Leo Kotke, The Barenaked Ladies, Sixwire and Tommy Shaw of Styx. In addition, Tom's studio monitor designs can be found in studios around the world including Peerless Mastering, Neil Young's Redwood Digital, Ricky Skaggs and The University of Massachusetts at Lowell (Educational Recording Facility). In 2013 Tom Met the Coombs brothers Jeff and Jay and our mutual interest and passion was a perfect fit. 
Virgil Venditto / Product Development
Virgil Venditto, has been a research and design specialist for the past 40 years. With a wide array of clients such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Technicolor, and Microsoft Corporation relying on his expertise. Virgil has distinguished himself as one of the top in his field. With an artistic eye and uncommon design sensibility with extensive manufacturing experience in most materials and processes from prototype to production. As a professional musician and recording engineer, Virgil's keen ear has been an asset in designing quality audio products to the professional music/audio industry for several decades now. Working with companies like Simmons LTD (Electronic Drums), Seymour Duncan (Pickups & Amplification) and DW Drums (Acoustic Drums) as well as design and manufacturing projects for international touring bands and tour companies.