Listen Infinitely

HD6.5 Modules

The HD6.5 is a template. It’s available as a stand-alone installed loudspeaker, but it can also be transformed. Using advanced modeling software, our expert engineering staff, and a touch of intuition, the HD6.5 blossoms into the HDLA, a pin point accurate Line-Array suitable for the finest venues on earth.

6" Planar Magnetic Driver

Weatherized, still refined.
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6.5" Rare Earth Woofers

Neodymium magnets make the difference.
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Custom-built for the venue.
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Planar Magnetic Drivers

6″ Ribbon Tweeters

All Ambisonic ribbon tweeters are proprietary, designed in-house. The HD6.5 Module’s 6″ ribbon is the premiere of high-power, all-weather wide-dispersion planar magnetic drivers. This robust linear design allows for precise sound reproduction even at earth-moving volumes.

110 Degrees

The HD6.5 produces 110-degree horizontal & 60-degree vertical dispersion in the critical frequency ranges of 1kHz to 8kHz. This broad but short cast not only makes the HD6.5 an ideal loudspeaker for outdoor installation but also for designing highly accurate line arrays.

Neodymium Drivers

Rare Earth

The power of Neodymium magnets may as well be sorcery. Their ability to pull weight is unrivaled, even compared to the highest quality ceramic magnets. This advantage means an articulate response and remarkable power-handling in petite cabinets that hide beneath awnings and patio tops.

The Apex

Both as single units or condensed line-arrays, the HD6.5 loudspeaker family is the choice for the most demanding installations worldwide. From homes in Malibu to resorts in Dubai, these speakers are found only where the highest performance is guaranteed.

HDLA - Planar Magnetic Line Array

Built to Order

By leveraging 6.5HD Modules as the building block for customized immersive line arrays, Ambisonic Systems can design for any fixed application or venue with up to 16 modules per assembly. An HDLA installation results in excellent sound staging for all listeners, regardless of placement in the audience, world-class audiophile sound quality, and massive sound pressure levels without distortion.

Indoor or Outdoor

Perfect in live venues, performing arts theaters, houses of worship, auditoriums, and outdoor venues. The HDLA offers intelligibility in any environment. The high-quality birch cabinets can be weatherized to survive even the harshest heat or finished in any color for indoor installation.

Landscape Audio Systems Starting at $10,000

Ambisonic Systems are singular in their quality. Both robust enough for professional application but sufficiently petite and abundantly musical for home use, our systems have their cake and eat it too. To achieve that feat, a trained technician must install our products. As a result, we have made our loudspeakers available through select professional audio-video integrators only.