Line Arrays

6.5HD 2


  • Ultra-fast transient response and higher instantaneous peak level for faithful signal reproduction and improved dynamic range
  • Wide Horizontal dispersion for excellent stereo imaging and larger listening area
  • Well defined vertical directivity and cylindrical wave front delivering more direct to reflected sound for high intelligibility in reverberate spaces and the ultimate long throw, high definition system.
  • Robust enclosure and components
  • Unique woofer and ribbon wave guides for better dispersion and fidelity
  • All stainless steel hardware and powder coated mounting brackets
  • Aircraft Aluminum side panels for strength, aesthetics and simple single box mounting or hanging with built in fly points
  • Optional Pan and Tilt wall mount kit provides minimum space behind array
  • NL4 space saving vertical position
Rigging Detail

Built-in Rigging (Fly) Points (Minimal Pullback)

AW8600 Detail 3

Rear Mounting Plate with “Speakon” I/O

Custom Designed “Fixed Line Arrays”                                        Ambisonic Systems Immersive HD Line Arrays can be configured using an even number from four (4) to sixteen (16) of the 6.5HD (indoor) or 6.5HD-AW (outdoor) speaker modules (boxes). Desiging and optimizing your array configuration is easy using our free AOS (Array Optimization Software).

line arrays

AOS Graph 2

Line Array Specifications

Array Specs


Utilizing our Model 6.5HDLA module as the building block for customized Immersive Array’s. Systems can be designed for any fixed application or venue with up to 16 modules in a single hang. Improved front to back SPL over the entire audience area, typically +/- 3db. High impact audiophile-quality sound with tightly controlled directivity for superior clarity and intelligibility in any environment. Perfect in live venues, performing arts theaters, houses of worship, auditoriums and outdoor venues.


Model HDLA-10 (Shown)

Custom Designed “Fixed Line Arrays”
After the array configuration has been determined for the listening space using AOS, we then design and manufacture custom side plates with fixed angles between boxes in the shape of the array utilizing 6061-T6 aluminum for clean asthetics. Built-in rigging points and single box form factor for ease of hanging the array with no pullback required in many instances. (Design safety factor is 12.5 to 1 with 16 boxes in a single hang)   

Array Steps

The AOS software can automatically configure the optimum splay angles for each of the 6.5HD modules. Additional information such as SPL over distance mapping, optimal suspension point, array weight and geometery can be displayed. AOS is simple and intuitive, producing the most accurate
line arrays for any venue.

AOS Graphs 1