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The Landscape Ribbon Loudspeaker

Landscape Ribbon – LSR

Ambisonic Systems’s engineering team has been perfecting high-performance ribbon tweeters for professional audio for over ten years. They’ve distilled this knowledge into a 2.7″ ribbon tweeter, which you need to hear to believe. Crystal clear, wide dispersion sound with no ear fatigue at high volumes. That’s the hallmark of an LSR6.

2.7" Planar Magnetic Driver

Weatherized, still refined.
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Two Available Sizes

Neodymium magnets make the difference.
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Monumental Sound Pressure

Custom-built for the venue.
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Magnetic Ribbons

The 2.7″ Planar Magnetic High-Frequency driver included in all Landscape Ribbon products is the only audiophile-grade, weatherized ribbon tweeter on the market. We designed this driver from the ground up to handle more power, disperse wider, and play with undeniable accuracy. All these advantages culminate in a sound quality improvement you can hear and feel on the spot.

The Guided Wave

The LSR produces 110-degree horizontal dispersion in the critical frequency ranges of 1kHz to 8kHz. This broad pattern allows for flexibility in planning and placement outdoors.

Three Available Sizes

Consistent Voice 

We use woven glass fiber cones and neodymium magnets on the LSR series. This driver guarantees not only a long life outdoors through the glass fiber’s superior durability, but the high power magnet effortlessly gives the cone pistonic motion for dynamic, musical, low frequencies.

Neodymium Drivers

Neodymium speaker drivers are permanent magnets made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron. Invented in 1984, they are now ubiquitous to most high-technology. Speaker design is no different. The finest loudspeakers in the world use Neodymium magnets, as do we at Ambisonic Systems.

Landscape Audio Systems Starting at $10,000

Ambisonic Systems are singular in their quality. Both robust enough for professional application but sufficiently petite and abundantly musical for home use, our systems have their cake and eat it too. To achieve that feat, a trained technician must install our products. As a result, we have made our loudspeakers available through select professional audio-video integrators only.

Sold As Systems

When paired with our high-quality amplifiers and agressively deep subwoofers, the LSR loudspeakers create an ethereal experience. Our systems are purpose built to scale infinitely. The LSR6 and LSR8 blend in harmony, and any of our subwoofers carry low-end typically found at festival or rock concerts.

Hardscape Options

We use the same European drivers and precise cabinet configurations for both our above and below surface subwoofers. With AES ratings up to 1000W and robust, weatherized finishes, these USA crafted models are as durable as they are remarkable.

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