Immersive 6.5HD-AW loudspeakers deliver the ultimate in “High Definition” audio for any outdoor environment. Ambisonic Systems Loudspeakers deliver on the seemingly paradoxical idea of High-Output, Audiophile Quality Loudspeakers. Backyard landscape, patio and pool areas will come alive with high impact sound, giving you years of listening pleasure.

Pool Landscape

The AmbiSonic Landscape Audio System has been designed from the ground up to provide installers with a simple, high quality, outdoor audio solution that delivers amazing sound and perfectly-even volume levels ideal for residential backyards to large commercial installations. Fully immerses outdoor spaces in perfectly balanced sound by strategically placing satellite speakers and buried subwoofers around the perimeter while being hidden amongst the landscape.

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6.5HD 2

AmbiSonic Systems professional line of loudspeakers, subwoofers and line arrays are manufactured in the USA with highest quality materials and workmanship. Our line arrays are designed utilizing our 6.5HD loudspeaker modules and feature, one high power 6.5” woofer and one advanced design (PMRD) Planar Magnetic Ribbon Driver in a true coaxial configuration delivering true line array performance. Designed with a unique waveguide for wide 110 degree, horizontal coverage.

Immersive HD Series 2

Improved front to back SPL over the entire audience area, typically +/- 2db utilizing our proprietary simple to use (AOS) Array Optimization Software. With dramatically increased speech intelligibility in highly reverberant spaces. Audiophile sound quality for music playback and live performance applications. A complete line of compact subwoofers is also offered to compliment our revolutionary 6.5HD loudspeaker module arrays. Perfect in live venues, performing arts theaters, houses of worship, auditoriums and outdoor venues.

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