Model 6.5HD

6.5HD with Universal Bracket


●   Ultra-fast transient response and higher instantaneous
peak level for faithful signal reproduction and improved
dynamic range
●   Wide Horizontal dispersion for excellent stereo imaging
and larger listening area
●   Well controlled vertical dispersion reduces floor and ceiling
reflections and yields longer listening distances
●   Robust enclosure and components
●   Unique woofer and ribbon wave guides for better dispersion
and fidelity
●   All stainless steel hardware and powder coated mounting
●  Trapezoidal form factor allows the 6.5HD to be used
as a building block (module) for the ultimate high fidelity,
high definition line arrays


●   Houses of Worship
●   Performing Arts Theaters
●   Athletic Facilities
●   Convention Centers
●   Theme Parks

●   Museums
●   Airports & Train Stations
●   Challenging Acoustic Spaces
●   Multi-Purpose Venues
●   Audio, Video Production


The 6.5HD is a high definition, ultra-high fidelity full range loudspeaker featuring a 6” Planar Magnetic Ribbon and a 6.5” woofer in a true coaxial configuration.The compact, trapezoidal enclosure has been designed with unique waveguides which deliver excellent dispersion and fidelity. Constructed of Baltic Birch with stiff internal bracing creating a colorless sonic enclosure.

6.5HD 3D Exploded 2

True coaxial drivers produce a perfectly symmetrical coverage pattern and lower distortion due to the alignment’s acoustic filter effect. Resulting in an evenly dispersed, audiophile-quality sound even at the highest output levels.

6.5HD Wall Mount
6.5HD with Universal Bracket

Universal Mount for wall or ceiling (Included)