Immersive HD Series


The Immersive HD Series model 6.5HD loudspeaker features one high power 6.5” custom designed woofer and one advanced design (PMRD) Planar Magnetic Ribbon Driver in a true coax configuration with a unique waveguide for wide 110 degree, horizontal coverage. Ultra-fast transient response and higher instantaneous peak level for faithful signal reproduction and improved dynamic range.

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HD Series Subwoofers

The Immersive HD Series model 112HD is a high definition compact subwoofer, featuring a high power 12” long throw all weather low frequency transducer. The 112HD has been designed as a companion to our 6.5HD loudspeakers and Line Arrays. Also available is our model 112HD-AW (All-Weather) version featuring a robust ported enclosure and all stainless steel hardware designed to deliver high quality bass, come "Rain, Sun, Sleet or Snow".


212 Horizontal

HD Series Line Arrays



AmbiSonic Systems standard and custom Line Arrays feature our  Model 6.5HD loudspeaker modules delivering wide horizontal dispersion for excellent stereo imaging and larger listening area. Each module features a 6” ribbon and a 6.5” woofer in a coaxial configuration. Tightly controlled vertical dispersion reduces floor and ceiling reflections and yields the ultimate long throw high definition system. Available in straight or curved fixed arrays with 4 - 12 modules per array.

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Universal Mount

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Low Profile Wall Mount